Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the biggest scare of my life

I choked tonight, on a pretty large pill trying to relieve myself of some of my cold symptoms..
Had to call an ambulance and the medics came and everything. God damnit, they were good looking too. How ironic that the only time I get to confront good looking gentlemen is when I'm about to pass out with slobber running down my face.
It was.. probably the scariest moment of my life. That feeling of having no source of air, of not being able to swallow, of listening to yourself making these awful, strange noises without being in control.. I found myself pleading to someone in my head.. please, make this stop.
Luckily I didn't pass out but I did come close. They pumped me with oxygen and told me I would be fine. I couldn't talk or move my face for a good hour after that. I still feel swollen, three hours later. And even though they assured me the pill had long since dissolved, I still feel it lodged deep down inside, threatening to make it's way up again to block my air.

Safe to say, I'm fine, and thankfully I was not alone. Far from it. i love you guys, thank you <3

I'm going to try to get some rest now, even though I'm still absolutely terrified.

P.S. note to self: chew pills or LIQUID medicine from now on

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  1. Oh my goodness. What a scare! Has this ever happened to you before with this kind of medicine or was this an isolated incident? I hope you feel better soon! :)