Monday, March 26, 2012

galactic ants from outer space

my amazing dad created this series with a few of his coworkers back in the day, had so much potential but they didn’t end up following through with the series (was going to be a TV show) because of bad timing and competition ;_;
I wear the backpack as a reminder that it probably would have been the best thing of the 90s. (The bag is a ooak prototype)


  1. You look amazing as always <3
    Love your stripped skirt and backpack <3


  2. What a cool, albeit concise story! That's quite a keepsake. I don't know which piece of this ensemble is best, the striped skirt, the velvet shirt, the backpack .. Ugh, you get the point, i.e. you look amazing.

  3. Your style is amazing, I love the backpack and you're so pretty.

    Emma x