Tuesday, December 20, 2011

second star to the right and straight on till morning

Felt like being a little hippy today :) Or maybe Neverland inspired. Or something like that. My dad says "Woah! We doing a 60s shoot today?" so I guess that's what this is.

I rarely wear these wedges because they're almost impossible to walk in without some sort of boot camp (no pun intended), but they're sooooo perdy. I just kind of admire them from afar when I'm not wearing them for photos.

I did the last of my Christmas shopping today (alone) in a packed mall. Got some shit done ;D
Then Anda came over and we did facials in our onesies and then watched Leon the Professional even though it's December 20th and we really should be watching all the Christmas movies we can. I just couldn't resist when I saw my dad watching Colombiana. I was like oh helllllllz no.
Anyway, Christmas is so soon I'm like going crazy. At least I'm done my shopping. I think ? Pretty much yeah. Anda and I are going out for some last minute things tomorrow.

Until next time ;D

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