Monday, December 12, 2011

4 outfits

Okay firstly, to anyone who makes comments on my Blogspot, I love you, I read what you write, I just can't friggin reply to you because of this damn website's stupid system. So if anyone knows how to solve this please let me know? Because it would be a big help.

Now that I'm finished with school I'm trying to find productive ways to spend my time other than wrapping gifts and watching Christmas movies. So since last night I was hit with a creative streak and could do absolutely nothing about it because it was 2:45AM and I was lying in bed with insomnia, I put that creativity to use today, modelling some outfits that my mind was thinking up at all hours of the night.
I was going to go out today but I can't be bothered to shower and brave the cold (actually, that's a lame excuse, it's one of the warmest days of December you could think of today) so I'm not going. That and my courses are here and oh how they taunt me.

Outfit #1
Not too fond of this one. I'm not sure what I dislike about it. Maybe the plainness.

Outfit #2
This Friends shirt is the bomb. My mom got it from a friend who worked in the studio a long time ago! So cool!
And, return of the infamous animal purse! (my favorite purse of all time)

Outfit #3
I'm in love with this shirt. It's one of my favorites that I own. It went so nicely with my AA peter pan collared blouse.

Outfit #4
I love this robber hat but it only looks good with certain hairstyles. It reminds me of Leon. I'd wear it every day if I could but it's really specific.

I would have taken more photos of each, but, like I said. Laziness is not a conscious choice, it's a curse.

Nevertheless I was moved by something my sister said to me over the weekend. She said she never wanted anyone to pursue their dreams as much as she wants me to. She doesn't want me to give up on finding a good fashion photography school and I really feel like if I do I won't only be letting myself down, I'll be letting her down too. So I'm going to see what this semester at Abbott brings, and if it's not my thing, I'm switching schools. I'm going to study a bit at one in my area but if even that's not doing anything for me I'm willing to relocate. I want to take advantage of my duel citizenship. Y'know, everything's for a reason, right? So I can't just sit back and watch my opportunities pass me by. This is MY life and I make shit happen. Period.


  1. ooo I like the second one the most..dem shorts! Such a lovely smile too. And youre welcome hahah :)

  2. Ugh, i love all these outfits, you just have that je ne sais quoi when you dress yourself ! Glad to hear school is over for you and you can relax, I think thats what the time is all about, eating till you burst, watching the same classic movies over and over (home alone anyone?) and chilling out. Hope fully you'll find more time to post your awesome outfits. Happy holidays !