Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Living in a rhythm

Dear Blogspot followers,
I am so sincerely sorry that I never post on here. I blame Tumblr and Tumblr alone. And maybe the fact that I'm too lazy to even think of something else to say on here. What, I actually have to compose sentences ??? omggg what is this world we live innnnn

Anyway this was today. I jogged and when I came back in this enormous gas bubble formed inside my chest cavity and I couldn't even swallow. So my dad brought me home some Gingerale as a remedy and as a result I've been burping all night, it feels soooo good.

And then my dad started making faces at me through the window and pretended to lock me out in the cold. I made faces back and was relieved to find the back door still unlocked afterwards :)

Two looks in a row? Wuuuut?
Last night :)

I've been really lazy lately and so in both of these sets I'm not wearing any makeup (except for lipstick in one :/)

So anyway it's officially Christmas over here, we put up and decorated our lovely tree and it lights up the whole living room with it's loveliness. This Christmas is going to be a busy one for us! My aunt and cousin are flying in all the way from California to spend the holiday with us. We're a pretty big family as it is, then including the relatives and friends I believe we're going to be a total of about 16 - 20 people give or take a few. Which is awesome. The more the merrier ;D


  1. Yay ! I love your xmas tree, I cant wait to fly home and get my xmas spirit on too. That photo of you laughing is too cute for words. And i love your first outfit, so snuggly and adorable. xo

  2. You are just the bee's knees. I'd elaborate more, but y'know, that whole sentence annoyance thing. Anyway, please post more here. More detailed comments could ensue.