Saturday, December 31, 2011

let me show you around my room

Lately I've been re-vamping my bedroom bit by bit, and while it's still in kind of an in-between stage in various areas, I'm still pretty content with it at the moment.

Just added this bookshelf. I used to have a broken microwave stand in its place, which looked terrible and I hated that none of my books were on display. So this vintage one is from when my oldest sister was a kid. It was in my mom's room for the longest time but when I asked about it she said I could use it and that she didn't really need it (as much as I did)
And it matches my dresser perfectly :)

Sam gave me this too-perfect-for-words moon clock for Christmas. It stole my heart the moment I saw it. And it glows in the dark (perfect, to match my glow in the dark stars on my ceiling!) so when I fall asleep I like to think I'm in the cosmos. Or maybe just in a forest looking up at the night sky.

I re-did this wall. There were too many photos, (most of them unwanted anyway) that it made my head hurt. Now it's a nice even balance between the two walls and only my favorite photos are up.
The picture and frame on the left side was an amazing thrift find - a classic Madonna, reminds me of the renaissance. It also captivated me right when I saw it on the shelf. I knew I had to have it.

Dolls, figures, then movies.
Not sure about the middle shelf, may rearrange it.

Still don't have a closet door. Don't mind too much though. It's easy to get in to.

My Ipad cover is almost an exact match to my walls lol.

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  1. Um, so yeah. I want that blanket.

    OH, and I was recently in montreal, and visited eva b's thrift shop because of your post ^.^

    Luckily they were giving out hot apple cider instead of lemonade... I definitly see some tavi in your room. It's cool.