Saturday, January 14, 2012

spoils before school

Green tea latte's are the green tea frapps of the winter. Love.

Used my gift card for Forever21, got a blouse and a skirt and shoes :) & got that bag I'd been wanting on sale from Aldo :D
Then my mom and I went over to Chaps, I got a calendar and some mags and this cute little girl that sits (or stands) creepily on my desk watching me type. I've named her Elinor.

Aww, little Voodoo's always so happy after I come home from a long journey :)

Look at me all ready for school!

So I'm also thinking about doing my hair pink. My friend’s a hairdresser and at first I was just inquiring about pink hair dyes that she thought would work (NOT manic panic), just out of curiosity, and she gave me some info.. now I really want to go through with it. She even agreed to do it for me when I asked. I think I’m going to. 'Cause right now I feel like my hair’s a blank canvas just waiting for some funk. Dyeing it with the box red that I got would almost be a waste or something Dx I just don't want it to make my hair even more dead than it already is :( Because she said she'd have to bleach it again to get the color I want. But assured me she would do it so that it doesn't kill it. Anyway, I'm still mulling it over. What do you guys think?

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  1. I think that pink would be awesome. Highlights always brighten hair, too.