Sunday, July 17, 2011

past couple of days

Just a couple of my get-ups throughout the past couple of days. Going out to dinner, going to see HP7, and going out to breakfast this morning.
The weekend's been busy and hot, though very fun. I don't know why I'm so tired right now, I slept in till 11:00 yesterday and today.
I might take a nap..

I finally received my items from Poetryforjane, after about 3 months of waiting and giving up all hope of receiving them. I could not be more happy. I squealed when I opened it up and saw the clothes. I love them. (Shirt here and another sweater, not pictured.)
Skirt Forever21.

Also got my Galaxy crop top after only 2 business days of waiting! So fast! And now she's closed up shop I believe so I'm glad to have bought it beforehand. She was so sweet, and was more than happy to take my custom size request.
The add-on collar is by RBOriginals. I am pairing it with literately everything.

I cut this Shera decal off an old shirt and pinned it to this purple crop top from the 80ies that I found in the depths of our basement. Until I buy more safety pins I'm transferring them to and from patches. >>

Got my patch from Kitschpatches and I love it! I will deffinitely be ordering more soon. It looks adorable on my new jean vest.

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