Monday, July 18, 2011

comic con ideas + candyyy

So I've pretty much decided on my costume for Comic Con. I am going as Kaylee from Firefly. I was going to be Tank Girl again just a different version, but I thought Kaylee would be a lot more fun and it's at least something new that I can work on for the next two months.
I'm looking into buying a mechanic jumpsuit off Ebay as well as going to Village again to find a pink flowery shirt that looks like it's from the 70ies. I gotta find a way to dirty them up, though. Maybe I'll just roll around on my lawn for a bit. Won't be the weirdest thing my neighbors have seen me do.
It would be cool to have her dress, too. Just so I can hang it up and stare at it for hours on end 'cause it's that pretty. But I'm poor and deffinitely not a seamstress, so that dream might as well be crushed.

Here, have some NathanXSean love.

Got my black lipstick in the mail today after I accidentally threw out my old one. >> Yay!

Went to Bulk Barn with Elyse today. Got all of this for only $11 ! It feels like that store should be kept secret, it's too sacred to be accessible to the ordinary earth dweller (that's totally my new word for human). I think everything should be able to be bought in bulk. I'll take some shipping enveloppes and midol, please. Why not throw in some stroopwafels, too.

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