Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Leon fangirling

I think I found my new favorite movie. Well, definitely one of my favorites.
Spent all day watching it and then reading the original script which is completely different than the movie past a certain point. I don't know which ending I prefer. Probably neither. I think I'll re-write my own ending like a crazy fangirl and post it on my blog for fanficiton if I ever get one of those.
Besides being fantastically amazing, the movie made me crave milk and commission someone on Etsy to make me Mathilda's choker.
I also adored her outfits and it made me miss 90ies trends. In my opinion Natalie Portman was the cutest 13-year-old in the world.


  1. omg, I loved this movie! I really want to find some comic book leggings like the one Mathilda wears in her first scene!