Wednesday, July 13, 2011

hardships are over

So the painting and flooring is officially done and over with :))) I helped my dad with the flooring which was exhausting but actually quite fun. I must have lost like 10 pounds just from all the moving around.
Last night I transferred most of my clothes to my closet and realized I have a lot more than I give myself credit for. (And have even more on the way!) I even got rid of some. Then I finished transferring everything over today so now it's my room completely. I still can't believe it's mine. I've never had a room this big of my own in my whole life. And it's not even that big. I guess it's just average. Well, it's big to me! Last night I just lay awake in bed with my arms spread across my double bed with a huge grin on my face. I keep getting flashes of how the room used to look and then try and shake the memory from my mind because of its hideousness.

Switching closets would normally be a pain to most people but it was actually really amusing. Until my back and feet started aching and it was hard for me to stand. That wasn't too fun.
This is just a small portion. If I took them all at once they would be falling off the edges.

My dresser when it was.. organized. Before I threw everything on it.

This morning..
Stuffies, comforter and pillows are now on my bed! (Note: this is my temporary comforter until I find one that I'm fond of.) As you can see.. it's not even made for a double bed..

My desk will be going where the box is, so all my desk stuff is in there for now.. And I'm not keeping that stand that my laptop is currently on.. the door's broken off and I don't need it. So a bookcase will be going there which is wide enough to keep my dolls on top of.

And... the now cluttered dresser x-x

My jam-packed closet. It's weird cause I thought I'd have more room since this closet's bigger than my old one and I even got rid of some clothes but it seems like the same exact amount of space between hangers (close to nothing).. odd..

Then I got sidetracked and began reminiscing over my high school years. I forgot how many times I was featured in there. I got featured in the fashion section and in the art section. (That's a lot for someone who wasn't part of any special "clubs")..
I enjoy how our yearbook had a "fashion" section, even though our school had uniforms. I really miss wearing it to be honest. Good times were spent deciding how to play it up.

I regretted putting Utada Hikaru the moment I wrote it. Honestly, wtf??.. I was being rushed, okay?!

By far the best CYI ever. ("Can You Image," in case you're not fluent in high school acronymian). I swear, I had no part in this. I just had a very good and long laugh when I read it.

I'll leave you with a vlog, because I haven't done one in a very long time and I just thought I was overdue.

I'm off now, to bask in the glory of central air and jump around because I can have a cappuccino again without my body getting overheated.

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