Sunday, July 3, 2011

my sunday

Went to Homesense today to look for something to put my makeup, hair stuff and jewelry in. I got two fabric boxes for makeup & hair stuff, and a little bird cage stand thing that holds earrings and necklaces. It slopes to the right because one of the stand's legs is higher than the others, but it kinda looks cool. They had one other one that stood straight but the door to the cage couldn't open. Plus, I kinda like my little defected one.

All my makeup :)

More photos once everything's settled in my new room.

Speaking of my new room. As far as updates go, I finished scraping off the wallpaper of the teddy bears trying to do math yesterday with great effort and my dad has filled up all the holes with plaster, so it's all ready to be painted. :)
This is what it looked like when I had only finished peeling and scraping half the room:

My dresser was moved up and now all of my clothes are in there. Getting dressed is a pain.. I usually end up travelling back and forth half-dressed.

Our new sound system keeps making me think strange people are over and gun fights are taking place in the living room. I just heard a woman plead for her life and thought a burglar had wandered in and had rendered my mom terrified and helpless. I was this close to coming downstairs and threatening the thief with my plastic gun that's stashed in my closet for those types of emergencies. No one has to know it's fake and that I played spies with it for the bulk of my childhood.

It's so hot in this room I resorted to sucking on ice cubes. This air conditioning really isn't doing it's job. I really want one of those Dyson fans... just so I can stick my hand through it and say "see dad, my hand isn't getting chopped off!" ..and of course for some cool air blowing in my direction.
I really hope when my Lime Crime lipsticks get here they aren't melted or squashed.. And they better get here tomorrow!

Speaking of ordered items.. I've been on a total splurging spree (is that even something?) and as usual, feel a mixture of guilt and content.
I also went to the new Forever21 that just opened in our local shopping center. Let me tell you, it's got to have an enchanted spell on it or something because it's like walking into Dr. Parnassus' imaginarium or something. A circus tent one minute and then a wonderland the next. I honestly don't know how it fits in the mall. I went this morning and I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. I actually got lost. I found the changing rooms and made a mental map of the store in my head, thinking I had it figured out, but then I came across another changing room area and it really blew my mind. Especially since at first I thought it was the same one and just looked around completely dumbfounded. I stayed in there for over an hour and didn't even end up getting anything. I wouldn't have been surprised if I came out and found out the year was 2015.

I wore this shirt I made yesterday:

For now I guess I'm off to bed (if I can restrain myself from shopping on Etsy any further.. which is probably nearly impossible.)

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