Tuesday, July 5, 2011

lime crime

Yaaay, my beautiful LC lipsticks arrived today (so fast!) so I have restored my faith in Canada post's strike being over.

She included a free gift! It's a mint colored lipgloss from L'oreal. ^-^

Already tried on Mint to Be, looove it~ *-*

And from what I can tell with my little schizophrenic talking test it doesn't get on your teeth!
The dress is from the depths of our basement. My mom brought up all these bags for me to go through and now I have a few new items to add to my overflowing drawers or closet. Plus, we're bringing the bags to Village to dump so I sense another shopping spree in the works!

Oh, also.. I forgot to say in the last post.. or maybe I purposefully didn't mention it because that post was already long enough.. that I have a few vintage articles of clothing up for sale on Etsy:

Ciao for now!

What I'm wearing to the thrift shop;

mmmmmmm purple lips <3

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