Sunday, June 26, 2011

carm does a photoshoot of me...

Two nights ago at the epicsisterhouse Carm decided to do my makeup.
She does have a lot of it..

Then we decided we should document such wonderful artwork so we started out taking a few plain shots.. which ended up turning into a whole shoot that just seemed to get more strange as the night progressed. xD

Photos, makeup & styling by Carm, edits by me :)

My hair looks black here.. hmmm...

I don't even know what I'm doing here.

Yay for jumping shots!

We took over 250 shots but these were pretty much the only ones I was fond of.

So in other news, Voodoo moved out and is now living at Carm & Sam's place :( I almost cried, so sad! But Sam told me that she's settling in just great and then held the phone to her ear while I spoke. I'm going over tomorrow to stay the night (what else is new), I'm thinking I'll go a bit early just to keep Voodoo company while they're at work :)

We also are in the middle of an Avatar marathon..

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