Sunday, July 10, 2011

painting day

Room updates!
Painting's almost done. There's still a corner unpainted because it was falling apart and my dad had to insert this corner metal rod (its name escapes me) and then add two layers of plaster over it. Right now we're waiting for the second layer of plaster to dry. We might just finish the painting tomorrow, as well as the flooring! Yay!

It's such a pretty piiiiiink

This is how my "old" room looks.. It's a huge mess and my poor dolls are blending in with all the crap. And my new clothes are all on the floor :( I don't even know where half of them are and I can't access my purse.. it's underneath everything. Last night at like 3:13am I couldn't breathe and needed my inhaler so I had to fish around under the heap and yank it out.

Amongst the clutter is two paintings I did from high school... apparently I enjoyed gore and splatters of blood... and hybrid robot silent hill nurses. (She was just supposed to be an ordinary nurse but everyone that commented on it insisted otherwise). The nurse one actually got displayed in our school's hall entrance behind glass. Sometimes I forget just how cool Riverdale was.

And just Mocha being a creeper under my covers. Now that Voodoo's gone she spends all her time in my room.. even when I'm not there.

True Blood tonight! So fast! Eric better stop being a weirdo.
That's all for now. Ciao.

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