Thursday, July 7, 2011

Throwing out a boomerang, waiting for it to come back to me

Ah, my feet hurt from wandering around Forever21 approving and disapproving of articles of clothing for my sisters considering I'm broke 'cause I spent all of my money online shopping and couldn't actually afford to get anything for myself.
Ah well, I was rewarded with a gorgeous skirt that I'd been eyeing and an adorable robot necklace because I have the bestest sisters in the whole widest world..est =DD

Everything I wore I got on that Village run on Tuesday. Except the head scarf that I made into a makeshift turband. That's from my parent's cruise.

Gah I love these shoesssss. They have a lot of scuff marks on the inside on the platform part but I couldn't pass them up. What gets me is that they had an exact pair at the store (for thrift shops that's like finding two twenty dollar bills on the road on the same day.. not possible) without scuff marks, but they weren't my size. I almost wanted to get them anyway.. kinda felt like two kittens being seperated in the pet store as I put the size 7 in my cart..

But I changed shoes because I'm terrible with anything higher than a centimeter. And everyone and their mother knows I can't stand being uncomfortable. Which is a real pain in the butt to have to deal with because half the stuff I own is uncomfortable.

Yum.. Peanut butter and Nutella sandwich. Oh how I love thee.

These are also gems. I can't believe I came across them and in my size, too! They're really flat so not too great to stand long periods of time in but sooo worth it.

My bed, being all... messy.