Monday, July 11, 2011

hot monday night

Paint is officially completed on my room.
I don't really have anything else of interest to talk about, seeing as that's all I've been doing as of late.
Shopping for my room has gotten me all inspired again.. who knew that's what it would take to get my creative juices flowing?
I received my Iron Giant poster today, but apparently I have to let the walls "cure" for a week before putting any posters on.. whatever that means. Boo.
I also swept like a mothabitch and then vacuumed all the black powder that came forth from the disintegrating carpet that was previously in there while singing extremely loudly and horribly to Animal Collective. Not an easy task.

complete randomness due to my boredom and fact that I dislike my tumblr account

Last night I watched Mari drawing my character Shuro over Livestream. It was fun and I lost hours of sleep staying up but was well worth it.

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