Sunday, April 24, 2011

vintage & tie-dye

Vintage 80ies Simpsons tank that I'm head over heels for.
Notice the tights again. don't judge.

My sister and mom's dance teacher came over for a nice Easter brunch today and then we went to sign my sister's apartment lease. It was my first time seeing the place and the old tenants hadn't moved out yet so I felt like a ghost invading someone's private space. If I touched something I would be a poltergeist, so I decided to keep my hands to myself.

Then Sam I went to Chapters (practically the only thing that was open today, everything else reminded me of the aftermath of an apocalypse) and I decided to do my nails tie-dye while we were grabbing a coffee at Starbucks. I looked up a tutorial on Youtube :3 Course, mine aren't as good as hers, but I tried.


  1. Wicked tank-top!

  2. so i'm basically stalking your blog because i'm sort of in love with it <3

    this is amazing <3