Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Just got this adorable vintage skirt from poetryforjane, and I'm even more in love with it in real life than in the photos (didn't think that could happen).

Also, I found these shoes in my mom's closet. Love love love.

So I've been reading Lullabies for Little Criminals like a maniac these past few days because the author, Heather O'Neill, was invited to our english class (yay for living in the place the book takes place in!). Unfortunately I didn't finish in time for her visit (had only like 20 pages left lol.. so sad), but it was okay anyway, depsite one of my classmates giving away a critical part at the end which I will not mention for those who are reading/plan on reading it. She was so awesome and funny. It was funny because I found her really relatable (considering I plan on taking up writing as a profession some day.. on the side maybe..), and then my friend tells me today that the author reminded her of me. Nice! Us street-kids-with-messed-up-past-lovers gotta stick together :'D
She signed my book too! It was funny because she had an Aileen in the novel at one point towards the end of the book and I squeed, but then I still had to spell out my name for her when she asked.


  1. Cute outfit :D I'm really diggin' the pink!

    And that is so awesome that the author signed your book :D WEE!!

  2. this look is so amazing :)
    you have a wonderful blog !

  3. love your style, and you have a great blog!