Monday, August 5, 2013

Mystique Cosplay: face paint test #1

Okay so yesterday I did the test run of just the blue paint to see how well it went on my face, how many layers I needed, different ways to apply it, etc. I was GOING to test out the scales but I searched the depths of the galaxy (every nook and cranny in our house) for the liquid latex and alas, it decided to remain lost. Well, whatever. I hope it enjoys its solitude... slowly decaying day by day, never actually being used by anyone. (I have to buy a new one)

So I'd say it went just okay. It was a learning experience (lol).
Ideally, I would have liked to apply the makeup with a sponge, but I didn't have one lying around, so I started out using my fingers. This may have been the problem. It was working but drying very fast and looking smudgy. So I switched over to a brush but by then the first layer was already dried and so it started to look thicker in some areas and I had to keep going over it and it was kind of a mess.

I started out a bit intimidated so I didn't go all the way to the scalp line, which ended up just looking like I was wearing a weird mask, so later I touched it up and added some in as close to my hairline as I could.
Surprisingly I felt unusually comfortable in blue skin....

Hairline touch up and neck...

Different lighting/camera...

I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up switching paint brands. Not only is it difficult to apply, I think it looks too bold. I would like a less-vibrant blue if possible. Not darker, just slightly decreased saturation. lol.

So, things I still need to purchase:
•The outfit >_<
•Mehron blue face paint
•Mehron liquid latex
•Mehron glitter spray face paint(?) (for highlighting/contouring)
•Yellow contacts
•Red wig (lace front) OR temporary color red hair spray (would prefer not to)
•Makeup sponges
•Flight gloves

Oh boy! Stressful but exciting.
That's it for now. I'll be sure to update more soon. :)

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