Sunday, August 4, 2013

finally worked out my costume for Comic Con!

After much contemplation, I’ve decided on Mystique from X-men First class (ver. Jennifer Lawrence) in flight suit.

Yeah I know what you’re thinking; holy shit!! You’re actually gonna be blue?! Hell yeah I am!

I’ll be commissioning the same seller as my Amber Sucker Punch cosplay to make me the suit. I’ll probably hunt down the gloves around some stores here though.

I already bought the blue face paint I’ll be needing for my face, ears and neck. (after walking around the art store with a blue hand fuckyea) and I also bought “Pout Paint" by Sleek which is apparently the best paint for lips and stays on for HOURS even if you eat (which I might not be doing come con day ;D just kidding, kinda)

I’m going to test out my makeup either today or tomorrow. I’ll be using liquid latex to make the scales and then painting over it with the blue and adding some shading here and there. Also doing the test run helps with what I need to modify/add.

Liquid latex takes 30 minutes to dry, so I’ll have to do it like right when I wake up in the hotel we’ll be staying at, then eat breakfast and everything, put in my contacts and THEN do my makeup. Oof :/

Bring on the stress!


  1. God, I love you. Sounds like so much fun!! Good luck!

    1. aw, thank you!! I am so looking forward to it!

  2. aaaaaaaaaa can't wait to see result! You will post everything, right?

    1. Yes ! I'm definitely going to post process pics and make updates. :D