Saturday, January 28, 2012

what hides in my shadow?

This is probably a fave item that I own. The "astronomy" dress. It looks great plain or done up. Under or over things. It's great.
And these shoes. These shooooooooes. gawd when will winter be over so I can just wear these shoooooooes.

Laundry room is tots the new photo-taking location.

Oh yeah, so you'll never guess what I got as a Christmas present from Brett. BlackMilk space leggings! GAH. Actually I think my life is probably complete. They'll be featured in my next look for SURE. Which will hopefully be tomorrow or Monday, latest. :)

Side notes: Moon is a very good movie. Watch it. and always make sure you have your best, most-used trusty hair clip before leaving your sisters' apartment. I think I'm going to be a wandering soul for the next week. Or at least, my hair is.

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  1. I'm completely in love with this dress and your blog! following x