Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shout to the sky and a fire to keep us warm here

Talk about a mission and a half. Okay so for my darkroom photography class we need a lot of things, right? This class is crazy and the teacher makes unrealistic demands. So the students have to go to all ends of the earth to find what we need.
First of all I needed a camera. Because all we owned at our house were those cheap 2-dimensional cams that barely have any functions. So I borrowed one from Pat, a family friend. I was all excited to start shooting. Then we bought the film, black and white, 35mm with 26 exposures.
So that night we went to put the film in, only to find out that the camera doesn't work Dx probably worn down from old age, poor guy. And then I messaged my teacher to find out if 26 exposures was okay just in case, because I couldn't remember what she had instructed, and no. Apparently we had to get 36. Only they didn't sell 36 at the store we got it at. So now I'm out of a camera and film.
After momentarily freaking out, I managed to find an awesome Nikon on Kijiji for only $60. Lens, case, batteries, flash even, all included. It was an awesome deal and my parents were so kind as to drive all the way to Laval to pick it up for me. :)
So now there's still the film issue.
After looking through the online yellow pages I came across multiple stores that sold what I needed, all a pretty fair distance away. My dad took me this morning to this one called "Lozeau" on St. Hubert which is this gigantic photo store that sells pretty much everything on the topic of cameras. Safe to say I was in heaven. We got what we needed then got the hell out before we felt too horrible about ourselves.
SO I finally got my camera and my film. Now time to use it.
All our photos have to be outdoors (so far), so I froze my butt off at centennial park all day but I think I got some good shots. We're developing them tomorrow, I'm really excited.
I'm just praying they turned out.. I don't want to find out I had the camera on some wrong setting the whole time. I think I'd actually shoot something. I worked my butt off for these shots. Kinda literally.

So I brought my Digital along too, cause, what the hell.
The shots I got on the SLR are similar to these. Of course, I didn't take nearly as many on my DLSR as on the SLR. I actually had trouble taking a whole roll of 36. I didn't want the shots to get too repetitive.

This woman is my great grandmother. :) I found the photo in an old box and thought it would make a great addition to the shoot. Kind of looks like I'm trying to communicate with her through the Ouija.

Obviously the prints will be black and white when I develop them :)


  1. Good luck with developing them.
    My dad had his own developing studio, the black and white photos he made look amazing, they have such a different feel than the digital photos.

  2. These pictures are seriously brilliant. Your blog is damn cool might i add. and i was looking at the post of your room, I LOVE IT. I want my room to look like that!

  3. That sweater is adorable. The snowy white backdrop makes this look so ethereal with your hair color. Suits you well !