Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring, is that you?!

It's been a while since I blogged (non-tumblr), and I figured I was long overdue. It's really because I've been trying to (physically and internally) get out of the annual winter drought. Not too proud of this outfit, nothing special or anything, I just wanted to show off my new 90s Angela Chase jeans that I got for $5 second hand. :)

And a few shots of my room (: I like taking photos of it pretty much once a month cause it changes so much in that time even if it's small changes that only I notice it looks different to me.

Spot the vtg James Dean plate from East of Eden! Newest gem I got off Etsy :')


  1. omg that oufit is perfect!!! and I love your room, I like changing my room very often too and small rooms are the best anyways! its cute and never empty cause its full of (un)important stuff!

  2. Perfect outfit! <3 You're room is always pretty!

  3. Love your look perfect! <3 And your room is really cute. xx

  4. i love this outfit! and the vintage jeans are awesome! I just got some vintage 0s jeans my self :D not buying any of those mass produced new ones that are going to be hitting the streets soon and at the moment!!

    Hayley xx

  5. those jeans look pretty good :) haha your room is cool. i like how there's so much stuff but it still seems neat and well put together. i just want to look through all of your stuff! :D