Monday, July 9, 2012

Two photos from last night

I really wanna dye my hair. Ugh I'm so torn! Auburn for Mexico or Pink for Mexico...? I'm leaning toward auburn because it's just so much easier and I don't have to keep going "oh no, is my hair turning green?" or "How faded is it today?" or "ugh my roots look horribleee"
But once I go red there's literally no going back to anything light. for pretty much like, the rest of my life. I never wanna bleach it again. Should I take advantage of it while I still can? Maybe not even pink OR auburn? Maybe like a nice strawberry blonde? sigh..

Song of the week cause it's been in my head (not that I mind)

replace bobby with ryan


  1. why can't you bleach it anymore? And I say you try something new instead of having it pink again. SO auburn would look really nice! You would look so pretty with your natural hair though...

    1. Cause it's really killing it.
      And my natural is the most boring, icky brown so not happening haha. Yeah I'm thinking of just giving in and doing the auburn. thanks for the input <3

  2. gorgeous pictures, i especially like the first one. :)

  3. pretty pictures! you look so classic.