Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yay my roots are bleached finally!
Isn't funny how it just completely lightens the rest of my head as well? I didn't even realize how light my hair was. I like feel like I just went blonde. But really it's been here the whole time.
anyway I wore this today, out to a kind of late lunch/supper at the Italian resto by our place. By the way, I finally met the infamous "Mike" Italian helicopter driver slash ex horseback rider slash cemetary landscape designer slash I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT ELSE. There isn't anything this guy doesn't do. He bought us drinks and we chatted it up... about everything. He's quite the cool dude.

Of course, I took these pics earlier in the day. And how perfectly ironic that my pink dye shows up in the mail while I'm in the BACKYARD and I couldn't answer the door to get it. I should have put a note to the mailman with an arrow that said "I'm in the back" and then he would have seen me probably trying to scramble up, unintentionally flashing a little too much of my underwear in the process. Seriously. In between these shots I was like, giving some a peeping Tom a hell of a show. Not even mad.

So I'll be picking up my dye tomorrow. I'm going to do it a lot lighter pink than usual. Should be nice :) I think one of the best feelings in this whole world is seeing my neighbor's clothes hung up on the clothes line next door. This gorgeous lingerie piece I found at my local thrift store and it's in great condition and so amazingly green. I'm going to wear it like, every day.


  1. I'm crying because this is amazing and you are amazing.

  2. i'm actually speechless, this is the most on point summer inspo ever!!!

  3. im glad the dye finally came! love these lolita shots!

    1. Yes! It did! And I just did it tonight, it looks FAB! Thanks babeeee

  4. Man, this is perfect! You are my lolita haha

  5. So pretty! You look stunning!

    ox from NYC!