Tuesday, June 5, 2012


All I've been inspired by lately is Lolita... braidy up-dos, red lipstick and vintage sunglasses. I found two cute dresses that I used to wear at the back of my mom's closet and have just been parading around the house in them. Elyse (my amazing best friend who happens to be the best seamstress in town) has agreed to make the blue outfit for me for my b-day and I'll be going to the fabric store with her on Monday ! I could not be more excited! Now I just gotta save my money so that I can buy the other one from Etsy. Then I'll have both and I can die happily (not to mention look totally awesome in Mexico come August)
Took this photoshoot to satisfy my creative inspiration for a bit. Until tomorrow.
Also, I have another job interview tomorrow morning. Scared half to death.

Lo - Lee - Ta