Sunday, April 15, 2012

oh well, whatever, nevermind

Spent the weekend at my sisters' place and kind of made Carm raid her closets and drawers to find things she didn't want anymore. So I pretty much have like a whole new wardrobe now lolz. It's awesome.
These shoooooes. Love them.
And I DIYed a couple of her things that she gave me, including this shirt and also a Percy Jackson tank.
The pants are killer but they're a little small :( Don't know if I could wear them for a full school day or not. Maybe on Tuesdays. My short days . yah


  1. these are really pretty photos. and i love your hair. keep up the lookbook posts!

  2. Those shoes are basass and they really boost this look.

  3. Love shoes and jeans <3 You look amazing as always :)


  4. I love these photographs. Never thought I'd find pink walls ... swell.

  5. the DIY is awesome and the shoes rock too! liking your style, now following xx