Tuesday, August 2, 2011

we sleep when we die

Only getting around to posting my weekend post now..
So the tables turned on Saturday and Carm & Sam slept over at our place instead of me going there. We set up the mattresses in my room and stayed up till 2AM sharing fanfiction of Fantastic Four and stargazing at my ceiling.

This light, by the way, came to me broken and in pieces. The lights didn't even go on after I put the batteries in. I only paid $3 for it, mind you, but I was still pretty disappointed nonetheless. So lucky for me I have a "handyman" readily accessible (sister's boyfriend) and he took it completely apart and pretty much rebuilt the whole stupid thing. So thanks to Shawn I can fall asleep under the stars every night!

Sleepover morning after glory..

So I got my BajuesBest jean shorts today, and even after requesting a custom size from her they still don't friggin fit me!!! So she's being really sweet and making me another pair, considering I wanted to wear them pretty much every day and I can barely sit in my current pair without totally suffocating and cutting the circulation off in my legs.
I wanted to wear them today and suffer through the pain and irritation but decided against it. I shall only post photos when my new pair gets here!

Went to pick up my package today that came when I was at the dentist yesterday getting a temporary crown on my tooth (it feels so weak I'm scared to chew)..
Turns out the package was my Ciel cosplay shoes! Brand spanking new, made just for me and very VERY smelly. So I left them downstairs to air out and think about what they've done.
Photos later.

The shoooooes. From retrothreadz on Etsy. I love them so much and I thought they would be very uncomfortable since they're so narrow and strappy but turns out I was wrong. No nasty blisters today. :)

So I'm officially using my Tumblr again, so you can go ahead and check that out and follow me if you'd like. Thanks!


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