Thursday, August 18, 2011

sleep without a dream

Today Anda came over early and we had breakfast together while watching Jim Caviezel be sexy in Frequency. We really wanted to have a movie day before I go back to school (Monday........ ugh). By the way, I already have an assignment for my english class. How is that even possible? I have to read a 500 page novel by September 7th. Yyeah... not happening. I do have a life. not really. But I went to get it tonight at Chapters and it's going to cost me an arm and a leg for a hardcover which is all they had in store. So I'll go to a different bookstore or order one online maybe.
So anyway, we ended up going to the local forest up the street to take some shots of us doing weird stuff (but what else is new?) and got shouted at by an unsuspecting dude in his car on our way home: "God have mercy on your soul!" made my day. Really.

Anda found these cool snails..

And then I put them in her mouth.
Poor Anda.. I really do make her do the nastiest things..

Back on the topic of making her do gross things?

Apparently it was disgusting. Well, she did find it on the ground...

Anyway, I'm going back tomorrow with Elyse.. I don't think I'll be lying in the dirt this time around, though. ;)


  1. Beautiful photos.
    For some reason it reminds of the photo project in Ginger Snaps.

  2. I have just discovered your blog. I love it and I love your sense of style sooo much. You are my new style idol:)))

  3. sick photos. really fucking cool. i'm really happy you made her put the snail in her mouth, it's my favorite one. although i feel bad for your friend.

  4. Hi Aileen!
    I was following your tumblr, and years ago your flickr, dolls, dA etc, but i just found your blog and im in love with your photos, style, room, and everything xD
    Well, lots of love from spain, baby ♥