Monday, July 25, 2011


Today I went to homesense and finally found a bedspread that I love! I got that along with new sheets and comforter. My room just looks so complete now! Other than.. the right side of course.. which is still a mess and lacking a desk and bookcase. But for now it'll do!
I'm so happy. The bedspread is floral and the sheets are polka dot. I just got a plain white comforter since there's already too many patterns happening. xD (Just the way I like it)

I also got a new bra at walmart, kinda looks like a bathing suit top. It's comfy I like it.
I really wish my hair was this short. These are just the front layers, the rest is thrown behind my back and nearly reaches my butt. I'm definitely cutting it before school. Also got a new straightener since the old one(s) moved out when Carm & Sam did. It works really well! I'm going to take on the impossible task of straightening my whole head tomorrow o_o

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