Thursday, June 9, 2011

a sacred night, where we'll watch the fireworks

Went to the dentist cause the pain I've been having hasn't gone away even after using Gel 7HT :/
And guess what. I need a root canal. Just like I've been thinking for like a month. It's odd how we know our bodies, even after someone tells us otherwise. A couple weeks ago she was like "not a problem, the gums are just pushed up." And I was all "Okay," on the outside but deep down I was thinking "Nope, I need root canal."
anyway. I'm terrified. Normally I would be okay with something like this (I use the term "okay" very lightly), but it's because something always manages to go wrong no matter what. Dentistry and me don't really get along too great. So therefore I fear it.
I watched Milk yesterday and adored the line "If you put it away in a drawer it just gets bigger and scarier. Now it's right here, it can't get us." So, I wrote "ROOT CANAL" in big letters on my calendar and a little happy tooth drawing next to it that looks more like a ghost. Sigh..

This is my depressed face:

So, as I was walking over the bridge and towards the mall I figured what better way to cheer myself up than to spoil myself with new clothes? I had two gift cards for American Apparel and one for H&M. I managed to get a dress, a blouse, super tight pants (that spawned a trip to LaSenza for *cough* underwear that won't show through). Now I'm left with no more gift cards :( that was fast.. Actually, I still have one for the cinema that I'm saving for cheapy tuesdays.

The shopping spree did manage to help but now I'm depressed again cause I'm broke. :/

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  1. i do agree that money tends to disappear pretty quickly. it's kind of a bummer. i wish i could be like some of the stars out there and have a shiny, bottomless wallet. er, bank account. :) haha. that'd be tight. i'd fork it out left and right for things. oh annnd btw, i love your hair <3 not sure how recent a change that is. it goes splendidly with this outfit, though ;) toodles <3 K