Friday, June 17, 2011

new apartment woahs

Carm and Sam got their keys to their spanking new apartment on Wednesday and we've been painting their bedrooms the past couple of days before their furniture comes in. We discovered there isn't really much to do in an empty apartment but dance.. (While the men do all the laborious work of course)

Crowdin' the hall..

Dryin the dishes with paper towel, yo.

The next day when it was brighter out;
Carm's room...

Sam's room...

Everyone cool eats Transformers freeze pops.

I threw on clothes I didn't care that much about because I ended up getting little splatters of paint all over me..

Adeel and Carm getting their Samurai on..

Dancing to Tapha Niang..

So, as some of you may or may not know I had my root canal done yesterday and it went extremely well. Dr. Shapiro was very professional and got the job done quick and painlessly. I'm doing great now too, and was yesterday, just when I bite on it now it hurts a little but I think (hope) that's normal.. ?

Making faces with my numbed up mouth.

Today I went out to lunch with the rents and then over to Starbucks to try editing my music video on my sister's computer. I thought maybe it was just my computer being a lame ass but I was wrong. It's nothing to do with the computer, just the stupid program. (Curse you Windows Movie Maker!!!!!)
So, my Dad was nice enough to buy me what I thought would be a really awesome video-editing program but was sadly mistaken when I got home and installed it and found out it can't speed up/slow down files......??? And you call yourself a video-editing software?!?!?!
Anyway, that was a MUST have for my video.. so I told my dad and turns out his best friend Pat has one I can download and use.. So after all that, $79 dollars later, I just end up borrowing one. I think I'm going to take the software back to the store and beg with pretty big eyes for them to give me my money back. Maybe I'll make up some story that the disk packaging was already open and when I popped it in my computer an ape holding a banana told me the serial number had already been hijacked and used. I think they'll believe that. Yeah.
I'm not giving up on this video! So everyone who's waiting for it (you know who you are, Mom!) can sleep well tonight knowing I'm still trying !

Mighty Boosh Mighty Boosh Mighty Boosh Mighty Boosh Mighty Boosh Mighty Boosh Mighty Boosh

Shirt from Ebay, cut by me
Skirt thrifted
Microchip necklace gift from Brett (who tells me it's really the heart of a robot) :') d'awww... I love my little robot heart on a string.

Then I came home and tore off the skirt cause... who lounges in floor-length polka-dotted fabric ?


  1. lovin these last phodies x very cool x

  2. i love what your necklace means to you :) haha...the heart of a robot..that's amazing :)