Saturday, May 7, 2011

free comic book day

Thrifted blouse & shorts, shoes from Etsy. Fantastic Four comic. Second Cup iced coffee. :P
What's funny is this comic isn't even from Free Comic Book day. I got it at last year's Comic Con. Just felt it was appropriate to pull it out today for obvious reasons.

So, the shoes I fell in love with on Etsy.. I got em :D (As you can see)
An older man at Toys R Us asked me where I got them. I said "online," but realized after I should have totally made up some epic story about how I found them on some speed boat vacationing in Hawaii.
He was like "They're so old school, I love them." What a cool man xD

At the Fourth Wall they had two artists taking free commissions for Free Comic Book day. I got this awesome woman to draw me Tank Girl :D She literately did it in like 10 minutes.
I think I shall hang this up on my wall in my new room. Yes I will.

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