Sunday, May 1, 2011

day at the museum

This weekend was such a busy weekend that I didn't even have any time to post this entry until now.
Sam, Carm, Brett and I all went downtown to the Museum of Fine Arts to see the exhibit that is in town for six months; The Warrior Emperor
and China's Terracotta Army. It was really fascinating, seeing all of those little (and life size) army sculptures.
After that we snuck into the Napolean exhibit (which I think was free anyways? So we aren't crooks..) and saw his hair, his chair, Picasso, Monet and then we left. Hahaha because we sent so much time in the Terracotta exhibit that by the time we realized there was more to look at in the building, they were closing. So, we kind of had to whiz past Picasso & Monet & Rembrandt, sadly enough. Lawl.
After that we had dinner in Chinatown at our favorite Thaii restaurant and closed the day with going to see Water For Elephants, which was amazing.

This is what I wore.

Vintage sweater, H&M skirt, vintage shoes.
These shoes, by the way, are totally cracked to oblivion now, which I couldn't be more upset about. I think I'll actually cry. To let my feelings out. Maybe.

Today was my dad's birthday, we had a nice brunch and then pie.
Later on we had an epic Back to the Future marathon (just bought my BTTF shirt too, squee) and munched on more pie ... that my neighbors made for him. Twas yummy.
Anyway, so after a long weekend it seems all I want to do is sleep. So, goodnight :)

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