Monday, April 11, 2011

days at home

Sometimes one just needs to stay at home and rest and .. write. I did that today, along with online window shopping (is that even a real thing? ... well, it is now) but the whole day has just been one long dream. I feel cut off from civilization o_o

The other day we watched the Borrowers, and of course I swooned at their wardrobes (& house decor), such a great movie. And now I want a visa card door. And a triangle necklace so I can ring it every time someone pronounces my name wrong.

Also, apparently the whole HP cast is in this movie??

Even the little boy's room is cooler than mine.

Also, I may have just discovered the most brilliant photographer of all time. I was looking up Princess and the Pea cause I had a dream about her, and came across this online portfolio website which is full of the most creative, gorgeous images I have seen in a really long time.
here is the link to his site;

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